India_2012_135If you’d like to volunteer with Big World Project, we have several things that we are always in need of help with.  Some of those things involve our social media, Child Sponsorship program, organizing our field assignments, finding corporate and local sponsors, volunteering at the golf and basketball tournaments, maintenance of our website and some graphic designing, as well as general office work.  If any of these appeal to you or if you aren’t sure what you want to do but know you want to get involved,  please fill out the form below and we would be happy to connect with you and find the best way to utilize your individual skills!


We promise that joining the Big World Project team will not only impact the lives of the children across the world, but it will do the same in your own life! We look forward to working with you soon!

  1. Public Domain Sponsorship Coordinator
    Solicit local businesses to allow BWP to set up a sponsorship table to introduce patrons to our sponsorship opportunities. This person will contact local businesses to determine dates to set up sponsorship table and then line up BWP table representatives to give away bookmarks, balloons and sponsorship bios of children.
  2. Church Sponsorship Coordinator
    Coordinate with churches throughout the USA seeking to secure an invitation to present BWP sponsorships. This individual will call church leaders to cast the vision for what we do and seek to secure an invitation to either discuss further what we do or determine a time when a BWP representative can come to present children’s bios for sponsorships. Once a date is secured BWP representatives will be scheduled.
  3. Materials Preparation and Inventory Accountant
    This volunteer will keep an accurate account of all printed materials to assure that there is always an adequate supply of all printed materials for any and all events. This person will proactively order all materials when necessary and will offer suggestions for newer items that need to be designed and ordered.
  4. Fund Raising Specialist
    Golf Classics and 3on3 Basketball Tournaments
    This volunteer will solicit golfers and basketball players throughout the USA to host fund raising events in either golf or basketball. Cold calls will be made and emails sent to cast the vision to host tournaments to raise awareness and funds. This person will work closely with the Materials Preparation and Inventory Accountant and Public Domain and Church Sponsorship Coordinator.
  5. Child Sponsorship Communications Liaison
    This volunteer will communicate details regarding sponsored children to their sponsor. General and specific notifications will be sent out to inform, inspire and integrate donors to the work, the mission and the heart of the ministry.
  6. Graphic Arts and Web Design
    This volunteer designs images and logos for publication on website and for printed materials. Regularly updates all files and assures quality control of web site. This person takes design images already created and adds them to needed materials and creates new images for new projects.
  7. Corporate Sponsorship Solicitor
    This person solicits businesses to be key sponsors for our local fund raising events (BWP Golf Classic and BWP 3on3 Basketball Tournament) This individual will network with a team of people who are connected to businesses and provide everything a volunteer needs who will help solicit businesses for support. A training manual will be developed to teach other CSS volunteers how to inspire and integrate businesses to sponsor BWP fund raisers.
  8. Field Assignment Travel Agent
    This volunteer will determine dates for travel to India and Uganda. Travel itineraries will be developed after all information for field assignments is established and delineated. This person will be trained by Catherine Adams who has vast experience in this arena of expertise via Sports Outreach. All individuals who show interest in participating in a BWP Field Assignment will be educated and guided through the process of application to participation.
  9. Endorsement Specialist
    This volunteer will solicit professional recording artists and comedians to seek endorsement and promotion at their concerts. Once a good endorsement is established this person will coordinate the travel plans and compensations for expenses for volunteers who attend the sponsorship tables at any scheduled concert.
  10. Social Media Coordinator
    This individual assures that all social media venues are explored and expanded. Blogs are regularly posted and board members trained and challenged to tweet, blog and Facebook. Social Media Coordinator will scourer the internet for excellent quotes and featured articles that pertain to street kids, displacement, and orphan challenges. This information will be passed on to writers and followed through until posted.
  11. Administrative Assistant
    This volunteer will help with any additional administrative assignments. This could be assisting with mailings, filing, answering the phones or organizing materials for different events.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into Big World Project. We promise that joining the Big World team will not only impact the lives of the children across the world, but it will do the same in your own life! Please email us when you decide which volunteer position you decide on or if you have any questions and would like more information on Big World Project. We would love for you to come by the office and get to know us a little better!

We look forward to working with you soon!

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