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For more than 30 years I have participated in global strategies to advance God’s Kingdom around the world.  Making an eternal impact in a very big world is challenging and can be extremely intimidating.  I have often seen compassionate and privileged individuals resign themselves to do nothing because they felt overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges of countless millions of people who are suffering.  They literally became paralyzed by the thought of doing something to help because what little they could do seemed too insignificant.  I have felt that same resolve to disconnect when affronted with human suffering of a magnitude that seemed too much for me to make a difference.  The problem of succumbing to feelings of insignificance is that you can too easily drift into indifference.”  

Steve Pettit
(founder of Big World Project)

  When you give to Big World Project, you can be certain that your support is                                 used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • We regularly monitor each project’s effectiveness to make sure that lives are being positively impacted.
  • We continuously strive to be more efficient at leveraging your support.
  • We apply the principle of CI (Continous Improvement) in all areas, so that we are making greater use of the resources God has provided, whether it be people or financial resources!

Thank You,

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Steve Pettit
President, Big World Project

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