Office Staff

Steve Pettit

President and Founder

Steve is a church planter and leadership mentor in Lynchburg, VA. He and his wife, Sherrie, own businesses in York and Lancaster PA. He attended Capital Bible Seminary in Washington, D.C., before pastoring a church in Rockville, Maryland for 21 years and served as a global strategist for 7 years in the Lynchburg area. Steve serves as a volunteer with Sports Outreach Institute, Freedom 4/24 and Proven Men Ministries. He and his wife of 35 years, have four children and nine grandchildren.

It’s my honor to serve with a competent board of directors for Big World Project. My earnest desire is to advance the goals of Big World Project through humble leadership and a visionary spirit. God has given me 30 years of global experience initiating and establishing ministries in over 32 countries. I deeply believe in the strategy and scope of BWP and hope to resource many Christ-centered ministries that are in the trenches rescuing women and children who are suffering from the devastating effects of injustice, poverty and homelessness.”


Shad Derozier

Vice President

Feeling the call of the Lord to help abandoned and exploited children, Shad left his full-time private law practice to join Big World Project in its mission to rescue the children who have no one else – street kids. As a child, Shad saw his parents come to Christ, and shortly after made the decision to follow Christ himself. After that life-altering decision, Shad has walked in pursuit of God’s heart. This pursuit has lead him to Big World Project. He believes he sees the heart of God at work through the efforts of Big World Project; the heart of God, as it aches to help the abandoned and discarded children of the world. He is passionate about spreading the Gospel and Hope of Jesus Christ, and believes there is no better way to do that than caring for the most vulnerable and helpless of our generation – children who have no safety nets. As a father of five children, he knows the importance and struggle of teaching and training up the next generation of God-fearing leaders. He considers his involvement in Big World Project an honor.

Prior to working as an attorney, Shad worked as an instructor for the Mobile Chemistry Laboratory of his undergrad alma mater, Virginia Tech. Shad holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Education from Virginia Tech, and a Juris Doctor from Regent University School of Law. Shad is often asked why he went into law since he had a science background. His answer? He went into the practice of law because he felt called into it; the same reason he now serves at Big World Project.

We all have a calling. We need just listen.”

Jamie Pruitt

Office Manager

Jamie is a local to Lynchburg having grown up in Amherst County, Virginia. While being a stay at home mom to her 3 sons, Michael, Carter, and Zackary, she obtained an Associates Degree in Paraprofessional Education. Jamie joined the BWP team in May of 2017. She also spends time volunteering at her children’s schools and for animal rescue organizations and enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with family.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of Big World Project. It is an honor to be a part of something so wonderful. I look forward to being a part of the team for many years to come and seeing how God can use me to impact the lives           of those less fortunate.”



Kristin Stellabotte


Kristin grew up in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia to study Accounting in 2004 at Liberty University. After graduating in 2008, Kristin has worked in Lynchburg, Richmond and Wilmington, Delaware, in many different accounting roles. Kristin currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware with her husband, Chad and three children. Kristin runs a bookkeeping business out of her home, so she can maintain a priority of raising her two children during these formative years.

I am thankful for my opportunity to work with Big World Project. It is clear that the heart and mission of this organization is Christ-centered and seeks to bring glory to God through helping to provide for the needs of women and children in poverty, all while remembering God is the ultimate Provider. “



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