BWP Girls

Lakshmi is an adorable little girl with a deep love for art and creativity. At four years old, Lakshmi became the youngest child within the Kesh home, creating a learning experience for all involved at BWP. Growing up, Lakshmi lived within the slums and often scavenged to survive. Her older brother, Rakesh, did well to care for her in the ways that he was able while the two were left at home each day. When both of their parents became critically ill with cancer, their family faced the cruel and inevitable fact that they did not have the proper funds for recovery. This lack of treatment was brutal for their parents, and traumatic for the siblings. The children watched as their family continued to suffer in pain, until they ultimately became orphans. At this time, Rakesh stepped up to the plate of protecting and caring for his little sister more than ever before. That being said, the two were very young, and Lakshmi had little knowledge of the world around her. Through the guidance of God, Lakshmi and Rakesh were connected to BWP through a distant relative shortly after their loss. Since then, the two have only deepened their connection with one another. Now five years old, Lakshmi has grown beyond belief, physically and intellectually. Her curiosity is unwavering, and she is always looking for the next thing to explore. Lakshmi is a quite talented painter for her age, and we love to encourage her passion for the arts. Being so young, there is ample time for Lakshmi to discover herself here at the Kesh home. We cannot wait to see what Lakshmi’s potential holds.

Age: 6

Pratyusa came into our care as a child in desperate need of hope. She has experienced loss throughout the entirety of her life, beginning very young with the death of her alcoholic father. This tragedy propelled Pratyusa’s mother into a manic state, ultimately resulting in a breakdown that disabled her ability to provide. In response to this, Pratyusa and her siblings were forced to wander the streets to scavenge for food. Her vulnerable position and special needs put her at high risk for trafficking, and sadly, Pratyusha fell victim to the hands of local predatory men. This circumstance is far too common, and fuels BWP’s fight for justice in the name of all survivors. This is our ‘why.’ Since then, we have taken Pratyusa into our care at Lydia’s Home for Girls. There, BWP took extra measures in order to make her feel safe and cared for. Her environment has been filled with guidance, acceptance, love, and understanding in hopes to cultivate trusting relationships and build bonds. In such a space, BWP has seen Pratyusa blossom. Her resilience continues to make her stronger with each moment that passes, and her light never seems to dim. We are all so proud of Pratyusa’s bravery, and our family at BWP would not be the same without her. She has always deserved better treatment, and like so many others, her story deserves to be told.

Age: 10

In her short ten years on this earth, Kanakalakshmi, along with her sister, have only ever known life on the streets, begging for money, always hungry.  When Kanakalakshmi’s parents didn’t take her along to beg with them, they would lock her in a shipping container with 30 other children whose parents were also beggars. In the intense summer heat, the children nearly suffocated in this tiny, stifling, filthy room. The older boys who were confined with her often bullied and harassed Kanakalakshmi, leaving her living in fear, alone, and afraid all the time.  Kanakalakshmi and her older sister learned that they could work together to pilfer items from people’s homes.  When they were caught stealing, they were severely beaten. The sisters were welcomed into Lydia’s Home for girls, the first clean, loving, comfortable home they’ve ever known.  At this Big World Project orphanage, they now enjoy soft beds, three nutritious meals a day, and the opportunity go to school and learn.  Kanakalakshmi is learning not only her lessons, but also of the love of Jesus. This once hopeless child is now filled with the joy of a promising future.  

Age: 10

Sruthi, and her little sister have only ever known life on the streets begging for money.  On days when Sruthi’s mom and dad did not to take the girls with them to beg, they would leave them locked in a small room with thirty other children whose parents were also panhandling.  When locked up, the children would nearly suffocate in the unbearable heat.  The older boys who were confined with Sruthi often bullied her and abused her.  Sruthi and her sister were taught how to playfully and innocently enter into people’s homes to steal small things of value.  When she was caught, she was severely beaten.  A local pastor saw her plight and rescued her.  He convinced her parents to relinquish Sruthi and her sister to the care of Global Gospel Ministries.  They received the sisters at Lydia’s Home for girls, a Big World Project sponsored home. Sruthi and her sister now enjoy a comfortable bed, three nutritious meals a day, and go to school.  They’re learning of the love of Jesus and live with the joyful hope of a promising future. All this is possible because of your sponsorship gifts to Big World Project.

Age: 9

As a young child, Shailaja's family could not afford her education or even meet her basic needs due to their very meager earnings. Her mom and dad spent long hours working fields and begging for money.  Shailaja loved her mom and dad very much but was unable to live with them because they were rarely home and provided an unstable and unhealthy home when they were there. They have been grateful for our care of Shailaja and would occasionally visit her when possible as time passed.  Our house parents would sometimes take her to see her mom or dad when they would travel to the city.  Seldom would they connect since they had no means for communicating.  In 2017, tragedy stuck this dear little girl once more.  Shailaja’s mom murdered her husband in a domestic dispute and is now incarcerated. Our GGM house parents, Gabriel and Naveen, have given special care to Shailaja and she is navigating through her emotional turmoil with love and support.  Shailaja is tenderhearted, gentle and always positive.  With the help of your sponsorship through Big World Project, Shailaja will continue to receive the shelter, food, clothing, education, love, and knowledge of Christ that she so desperately needs in her life.

Age: 12

Martha was brought into our care at nine years old from the streets of India. Her two parents spent the majority of their lives begging for money to survive, and teaching their daughter to do much of the same. Her family was in constant travel from village to village, always seeking the next opportunity to begin again. Martha’s parents grew to know that the environment that they were forcing her into was not one of safety and care. She was malnourished and yearned for any education opportunity possible, though the options were next to none. Martha’s parents finally sought help through one of BWP’s partners, who connected us personally with the child in need. With her parents’ consent, she was invited into Lydia's Home for Girls, where she currently resides. There, she has grown immensely. Her dream of acquiring an education was able to come into fruition, and her passion for knowledge is unlike anything that we have ever seen. She is bright and humble, kind and loving. We are blessed to be able to provide Martha with the proper nutrients and comfort that she deserves - too many children are left homeless and starved. She has overcome so many obstacles, and her life has only just begun. BWP cannot wait to see how Martha’s life unfolds with the potential of her intelligence and grace.

Age: 9

Likitha is a thirteen year old girl possessing great amount wisdom and maturity. Upon the birth of her little brother, Likitha’s father made the decision to commit suicide in response to finanical stress. The circumstances of his death created a negative atmosphere for both of them to grow up in, often causing Likitha to feel guilty and blame herself for his absence. Becoming the sole caretaker, Likitha’s mother struggled to provide throughout her life. She ultimately made the decision to commit suicide, as well, in 2019. This unfortunate chain of events left Likitha and her brother abandoned, scared, and alone. Having already struggled with the death of her father, the loss of Lakitha’s mother crushed her more than ever. When first introduced to Big World Project, Likitha was quiet and reserved. She endured so much within her short life, leaving her feeling deeply insecure and unimportant. BWP sought to give her the support that she needed in order to rebuild and reimagine what her life could be. After spending some time within the comfort of the Kesh home, Likitha slowly began to peel back her layers. She has been able to connect and relate with so many of the children, creating a safe space for vulnerable communication and healing. She has joined a family of people who care for her and yearn to see her prosper. Likitha is beginning to find herself more and more each day and her relationship with Jesus grows. She sheds light to others on how emotion can be weilded for good instead of hurt. We are so proud of her progress through her journey. This lovely young woman deserves to know how truly important she is.

Age: 13

The children we love and care for in our home at Kesh most often come to us as orphans.  But Seetha is an exception.  Seetha has a mom and dad and she loves them dearly.  But circumstances require that her parents work in places that don’t allow them to be near their children.  They are too poor to provide for their children’s basic needs much less education.  So we have taken them into our home in Kesh.  She loves her older sister and 2 younger brothers.  Seetha is 9 years of age and is thriving in school.  She loves the Lord and is always happy.  Our goal at BWP is to establish a business by 2020 close to the home in Kesh.  We hope to hire her parents to work for our PCF business earning a much better salary and in close proximity to their children. 

Age: 9

Sanjana is 6 years old and has two younger twin sisters. Sanjana has a mom and dad who live in the slums. Their work is collecting metal items in the hope to make some money in recycling. The profits from this kind of work are slim to none. Sanjana’s parents are Hindu but they are willing to allow their oldest daughter to decide her own spiritual destiny. Our house parents at Kesh asked if we would be willing to receive her into our home and loving care hoping that Sanjana will put her faith in Christ. Sanjana is enjoying school and she is very receptive to the gospel. She is so happy to have good food, a comfortable bed and the love of her peers and caretakers at our home in Kesh. When her twin sisters are old enough we will consider taking them in as well. It is our goal to expand our business so that we can hire her parents and provide them a work that will allow them to one day have a home of their own.

Age: 6

Vijaya Lakshmi was brought into our care as a nine year old little girl with a beautiful, kind soul. She has a quiet disposition in her spirit and a very inquisitive mind. Her parents have worked very hard in order to provide for their children, though it never adds up to be enough to care for even their most basic needs. Vijaya Lakshmi’s mother carries sandbags for a local contractor all day long, and her father seeks to buy and sell iron pieces for very little profit. That being said, they have entrusted Big World Project with the care of their children until they are able to get back on their feet. Now eleven years old, Vijaya Lakshmi has such a faith in the world that everything will work out in the way that it is meant to be. She inspires us all. Though we do not know how long we will have this precious little girl, we feel blessed to have her with us in our family. She has taken an interest in Christ, which we hope she brings with her wherever she may go. If able, we humbly ask that you might consider sponsoring Vijaya Lakshmi during her time with us, and send prayers when possible. She is special in so many ways, and we cannot wait to see what her potential holds.

Vijaya Lakshmi
Age: 9

Sunanda is a lovely 11-year-old girl. Her father worked hard as a construction worker to keep the family in tact. He suddenly and tragically passed away two years ago. Sunanda’s mom has struggled to find work and has had to hire herself out as a domestic helper. Sunanda did not process the loss of her father in a healthy way and it has adversely affected her in many ways. She lost all interest in education and found it very difficult to concentrate on anything. Sunanda loves her life with us at Kesh. She is precious and our house parents there are helping her to grieve while finding hope in Jesus. We believe Sunanda is going to be greatly used of God.

Age: 11

Harini is a special young girl who was brought into our care at ten years old. Due to her father’s partial blindness, her family has always struggled to make ends meet for basic survival. Harini’s mother spends her days searching through trash piles in order to collect and sell iron pieces, which has become the entirety of their income. Because of this unfortunate circumstance, Harini and her younger sister have suffered from malnutrition and neglect. While Harini’s parents care for their children dearly, they decided to reach out to Big World Project in hopes for assistance for the sake of their well being. Since then, the two have only grown in the love and light of Jesus. Harini takes her role as ‘big sister’ very seriously, and makes sure to always put her sibling’s needs before her own. She is quite inquisitive and loves to learn about the world that surrounds her. Harini has taken life by the horns, and refuses to give up on her aspirations - no matter her past. She is such an inspiration to BWP for her continuous yearn to improve and protect. These attributes will lead her down a path of success, and we are so happy to help her along the way.

Age: 11

Vaishnavi is a sweet soul who was brought into Big World Project’s care at the age of six. Due to her father’s partial blindness, her family has always struggled to make ends meet for basic survival. Vaishnavi’s mother spends her days searching through trash piles in order to collect and sell iron pieces, which has become the entirety of their income. Because of this unfortunate circumstance, Vaishnavi and her older sister have suffered from malnutrition and neglect. While Vaishnavi’s parents care for their children dearly, they decided to reach out to Big World Project in hopes for assistance for the sake of their well being. Since then, the two have only grown in the love and light of Jesus. Vaishnavi treasures her time with her BWP family, and adores her sister more than anything in the world. She is generous and loving toward everyone that she encounters, and chooses to live a life filled with the utmost amount of kindness. Vaishnavi has a beautiful strength within her that comes through her experiences. Her sister, Harini, has been a true inspiration for her growth and acceptance toward their past situation, and she grows more like her each day. We hope that Vaishnavi will continue to let Jesus lead her way, and are more than excited to be a part of her journey.

Age: 6

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