• Sarah Straczek

Exciting News In The Works

We have been busy, busy over here at Kesh., and loving every moment of our time together while attempting to embrace the struggles of coronavirus through India. We have been collectively fighting for a more safe, just, and welcoming environment for all - especially our children, and have been making conscious efforts to equip our students with the communication and hands-on skills necessary for them to go on and make this world a better place. This begins with their education! Our Kesh. campus has made a huge point to implement health and hygiene safety, as well as regulating social distancing when possible.

Even more, the kids have just finished up their academic year with flying colors! We are all so excited and proud of their accomplishments, and we cannot wait to see what this next year will bring us. Excitingly enough, in order to make sure that we are properly tracking the students’ progress, and adjusting accordingly, we have decided to begin giving consistent additional testing/monitoring (beyond government regulation) in order to encourage student success as the years go on. The children are greatly looking forward to the challenge, and they cannot wait to expand upon their knowledge.

Our garden has taken a wonderful turn in the past few weeks as well. We have just had a massive harvest of coconuts from our local trees, to which we gathered the milk and the meat for our consumption. The children have worked very hard to flatten our produce beds and plant new seeds for this upcoming season. Fingers crossed our crops do well! :) Either way, the garden needed a makeover, and we all had such a blast doing it.

We will be sure to keep in touch with you soon, thank you endlessly for your love and prayers!



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