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Body Smiles

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

My favorite line in the movie Elf is when Buddy says, “I just like to smile; Smiling’s the best.” What makes it so funny is that Will Ferrell, Buddy, smiles with his whole body. I can’t help but to think of that line when I hold my grandson, Zeke. He can’t just smile. He smiles with his whole body. His little arms, legs and hands contort in the full expression of his happy smile. At Big World Project we love smiles. Smiles are the best. We love the smiles we see on the children’s faces when they sleep on soft mattresses instead of concrete. We love their smiles when they feel a human hug, receive their Treasure Box or eat a delicious meal they didn’t have to beg for. Smiling’s the best!

At Big World Project we have the joy of seeing people give with their whole body. Their joy to give goes way beyond the gift they share. You can actually see when a person gives with their entire being. It’s as if their body smiles.

As we enter into a new year of rescues I’m looking forward to smiles, hundreds, no thousands of smiles. How can you not smile with your entire body when hopeless and helpless children are rescued from extreme poverty and given a future of hope filled possibilities in Jesus name?

If I could be granted one wish I would ask that I could make millions smile like my grandson Zeke. I would wish that somehow countless compassionate people would partner with us for the sake of smiles. Body Smiles.

If you want a full body smile go to www.bigworldproject.org and enjoy the stories behind the smiles. And while you’re there would you kindly consider sponsoring a child! But I must warn you…it may just cause your body to twist and turn with a smile you can’t contain.

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