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Covid-19 Update From Kesh.

‘Covid-19 Fatigue’

The Real Question Is: How Do We Collectively Face It?

The coined term, ‘Covid-19 Fatigue,’ directly relates to the exhausting efforts that communities around the world continue to endure following the outbreak. It seems to be a never-ending cycle of spikes and relief periods throughout the pandemic, leaving many in fear and others simply drained. Wherever you may sit on that spectrum, your family at ‘Big World Project’ gets it. We are here to support you, and cannot express enough gratitude for your support in return.

Many of our faithful supporters have been reasonably curious about the precautions that ‘Big World Project’ has taken in order to ensure child safety within the Kesh homes. Your concerns are greatly appreciated, and the children have been simply overjoyed at the notion of good people, like you, continuing to care for their well being.

That being said, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to our ‘Covid-19 Task Force.’

The force is maintained by our loyal and enthusiastic team members, directly following CDC guidelines and protocols for optimal protection. Our directors, Joel and Mary Kadari, have been more than wonderful when tasked with stepping up to the daunting plate of leadership in this endeavor.

Going into further detail, the ‘Kesh Campus’ has received a multitude of sanitizing supplies to help ensure that our close-knit community stays as healthy as possible. Formal supply kits have been designed and put together for the children and staff, each containing individualized sanitation tools, such as spray machines and liquid sanitizers, CDC approved air fumigants, N95 masks, digital thermometers, first aid materials, and multivitamins.

As many of you may or may not know, the virus has hit India with an unforgiving force. Thankfully, the children have been nothing short of understanding when it comes to the importance of wellness and cleanliness throughout the process. Even more, the organization has seen strides in individual growth that has sprouted through this massive learning experience -- no matter how ideal.

One thing that we have remained grateful for within our project(s) has been our fight for sustainability. Our efforts over the past few years have paid off immensely, especially during these times. It is such a blessing to know that God continues to flourish and produce an abundance of needed nutrients for our children, without ever having to leave the property. The small acre garden is not only a creative outlet and hands-on classroom for our learners, it is a place of strength and hope for the future. Its roots grow deeper each year, both metaphorically and not.

A few of the produce varieties that we grow include: lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, okra, cabbage, green chilis, coriander, egg plants, spring onions, pomegranates, coconuts, watermelons, and bananas. Additionally, the organization tends to chickens for both eggs and meat.

All in all, I am reaching out to you today to send over a much needed update. I hope that you have found our hard work to be progrssive and promising thus far, though we are always looking for ways to do more. The posed initial question of how to collectively face ‘Covid-Fatigue’ still sits heavily on my mind, and I continue to seek the answer through the experiences we face daily. The only thing that I am sure of is that success will come from faith and unity -- at home and in India.

I could never thank you enough for praying for our children, and please know that they feel your love. If ever interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to ask. The support you bring to ‘Big World Project’ is crucial, and the gratitude that we all feel for said support is immeasurable.

As a last note before signing off, please remember that there are many hopeful children who continue to seek sponsorship. If you ever do find yourself able, we encourage you to consider adding a survivor to your heart. As the saying goes, ‘it takes a village.’

Stay safe and healthy.

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