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Gethsemane Kids

Loss is such a difficult thing. Great loss is almost unbearable. Good Friday always puts this in clear perspective for me. The feeling of loss among the disciples of Jesus is palpable as you read of their despair in hearing the news of losing Jesus. And when they sense their loss is imminent in the garden of Gethsemane you can feel them losing heart. I’m mindful of the words of a song I sang as a child entitled, Don’t Spare Me, by Audrey Mieir.

Forgive me Lord I prayed in vain that you would spare me grief and pain, but now my blinded eyes can see these things were best for me. Don’t spare me trouble, if it will bring me close to Thee. Don’t spare me heartache; you bore a broken heart for me. Don’t spare me loneliness, for I recall Gethsemane. Don’t spare me anything that you endured for me. Don’t spare me failure, if this is best for me. Don’t spare me sickness, if this will make me call on Thee. Don’t spare me suffering, for I recall your agony. Don’t spare me anything that you endured for me. But give me strength to follow Thee.

We strive to mentor all our children to embrace this kind of mentality for God, especially those children who have suffered great loss like Rakesh and Laxmi. We’re honored to introduce you to Rakesh and his younger sister Laxmi. Rakesh is an 8-year-old boy who is

Rakesh, 8 years old

full of life and love. He absolutely adores his little sister Laxmi and stays close by her side to make sure she’s always protected.

Rakesh has a quiet disposition and is painfully aware of loss, no, great loss at such a young age. Rakesh and Laxmi lost their father to lung cancer in 2016 and then in 2018 they tragically lost their mother to the same disease. They had no other relatives able to care for them so we gladly received them to our home in Kesh. We long to see this precious little boy and his adorable little sister grow strong in the love of Jesus.


Would you kindly consider praying for Rakesh or Laxmi and sponsoring them for $20 a month for one year? These two Gethsemane kids are going to impact the world!!!

Click here, https://www.bigworldproject.org/sponsor-a-child, and you can be a difference maker!

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