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Giving Without Seeing

There is no greater joy than to see a child become a young man or woman who matures into a beautiful follower of Christ.  I give thanks to God for allowing me to actually see many of the children we have sponsored from the time they were toddlers become world changers for Jesus.  Like Mounika who has been cared for by our partner Global Gospel Ministries.  She is now preparing to become a physician.  Today we received a letter from our precious Meghana.  This little girl is now a woman who is off to college and she beams with joy, excitement and with a heart filled with gratitude.  I hope you take a moment to read her latest letter and I know it will touch you as it does me.  Our Word in Action partner, Joseph Babu, is doing a phenomenal job impacting the lives of hundreds of rescued children…children who are quickly becoming grown ups.

Hi my dear sponsoring parents in Christ, I am very glad and feel privileged to write this letter. I am Meghana.  I am happy as you are sponsoring me in this orphanage.  I lost my dad many years ago and my mother suffers from very ill health.  She is completely unable to feed me.  What a blessing to be cared for by Big World Project and Word In Action, supporting me through your sponsorship.  I passed my 10th class and completed my high school.  I got first class in high school meaning that I am considered a top student.  I joined in the college this year and it makes me very happy. Jesus is good all the time and He never leaves us. Amen. I was able to pay for my college fee, books, uniforms, college bag and all the needed things through your support.  I am getting good food,shelter and all the needed care through the loving staff here in the orphanage. I love the Lord.  He is my savior and comforter.  I am reading my bible each day and depending on His strength.  I love you very much and praying for you. It is such a blessing to me to have my spiritual Papa Steve, and the team from US, who came to visit us and blessed with lots of gifts and gift boxes.  It is a great blessing as I am sleeping now upon a lovely coat with beautiful mattress provided by Big World Project from USA.  I love my sponsors and I pray that God will bless you and care for you. Please continue your support and prayers for my future life in the orphanage. YOUR DAUGHTER IN CHRIST. MEGHANA.

I once read this short musing about giving regardless if you ever get to see or enjoy your investment.  Sponsorships are not about the giver…they’re selfless gifts of love intended to bless others.  My prayer is that you do get to see the young children become men and women of influence, but if you don’t…welcome to the very special class of givers called the MATURE.  

To be young is to study in schools you did not build;

To be mature is to build schools in which you will probably never study.

To be young is to swim in pools which you did not dig;

To be mature is to build pools in which you will probably never swim.

To be young is to enjoy the branches and shade of trees you did not plant;

To be mature is to plant trees whose branches and shade you will probably never get to enjoy.

To be young is to dance to music you did not write;

To be mature is to write music to which you will probably never dance.

To be young is to enjoy the programs and benefits of a church you did not build;

To be mature is to build churches who programs and benefits you will probably never get to enjoy.

To all our very mature partners…THANKS for building lives with us!  

Steve Pettit 

President Big World Project

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