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God Rains

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Author: Wyatt Elliott, Strategic Project Coordinator for BWP

Fresh, clean water is an invaluable resource that is becoming scarcer in many regions of the world. It has become critical to properly manage the water God chooses to bless us with on this earth. This past year we had the opportunity, thanks to generous donors, to install a bore well recharge system at our home in Kesh. It collects runoff water from the terrain and rooftops that is filtered in various stages before reentering the well. It is then a renewed clean water source that sustains life for the children at the home and provides new life for our drip irrigated garden. God rains.

In much the same way as God is providing water for life, His sovereignty and provision in the lives of His children is what continues to be so evident in India. Many of these children have suffered things that are very difficult to speak about, and yet through this deep, dark, and often evil suffering, God continues to call His children out of the depths of sin and unbelief. If these kids had not suffered enormous hardships, they likely would be forever lost in the blindness of the religion of their families, communities, and government. God reigns.

The difficulties, hardships, economic poverty, and strain of life throughout many nations, like India, are so unlike what we see in the States. All sorts of organizations are working very diligently to help people groups all over the world. The needs are enormous and the conditions are difficult, but we cannot lose sight of our goal. The goal is not to eliminate life’s struggles, though through relief we are given the opportunity to share Christ. The goal is not just to share His love or to simply be His hands and feet. But the goal is to provide an environment where His love is not just experienced but it is nurtured, grown, developed, and disciples are made. Disciples that will impact families, villages, states, and nations for eternity.

Much like the rain penetrates and blesses the dry ground, these changed hearts penetrate and bless a lost land. God provides. He is sovereign over all. God does in fact reign.

Would you consider standing with Big World Project as we reach the piercing eyes and loving hearts of these precious little ones? Each one created in His image. Each one created to worship no one or no thing other than Himself.


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