• Steve Pettit

Harbor Freight Home for 8

I just bought a home at Harbor Freight for $9.99. This is the thought that came to mind as I was walking out of the door after purchasing a 12’x20’ blue tarp at the incredibly low price of just 10 George Washingtons.

I recently returned from a coastal city of India called Rajahmundry where Big World Project has recently partnered with a ministry called Word In Action. We witnessed first hand how this organization is doing a phenomenal work in rescuing street kids. We saw over a thousand rescued children beaming with joy in their love of Jesus. That very happy moment for us was overshadowed by a visit that we made to a slum that had recently suffered a devastating loss. It’s a small slum in regard to number of people and homes. But the intensity of their suffering is off the chart. One hundred homes, constructed of wood from pallets and other scavenged materials, pieced together on 12’ x 12’ slabs of concrete, all burnt to the ground one very windy day in the early part of this year. An ember from an outdoor stove was carried off by a gust of wind to a thatched roof of dried fig leaves. In less than a few hours the entire slum was reduced to ashes.

Word In Action has been faithfully visiting this slum bringing the people food and blue tarps for a roof over their head. As we handed out huge scoops of cooked rice and curry potatoes to long lines of starving people, the director explained how they want to see the families stay in tact by rebuilding their homes. Just prior to our visit to this part of India a generous partner and donor of BWP made it possible for our vice president to purchase a very unique machine that produces 1,500 eco-blocks a day. That’s enough eco-blocks to construct a quality home in 4 days. We want these dear children to live in a home that is safe and comfortable. We long for these families to stay together and find eternal hope in Jesus Christ. It’s hard to believe that right now, in a small slum in Rajahmundry, families of 5,6, and 8 are living under plastic tarps enduring the severe elements of heat and monsoons. BWP is working hard to get back to these dear souls as soon as possible with a machine, and more importantly, with a message of hope that guarantees a mansion in heaven.

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