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Holiday Gift Card Donation Opportunity

Holiday Gift Card Donation Opportunity

The holiday season upon us is one that none have experienced before. We are in a time of trial and uncertainty, with many in fear of what is next to come. Big World Project would like to start out by saying a massive THANK YOU to our supporters… our family, for standing with us in the midst of such chaos. The pandemic has been nothing short of heartbreaking in so many ways, but our collective perseverance continues to shine through in God’s name. As we have always stated, ‘together’ is the only way to truly succeed in any situation and/or endeavour.

This time of year is about family and thankfulness… the gift of giving and love. Big World Project encourages you to remember that even an inch of generosity has the potential to reach millions of hearts, especially when in reference to our beloved children in India. This holiday, we are humbly asking our friends, families, and supporters to dig deep through their piles of unused and/or unwanted gift cards in order to assist us in our fight for proper child care and security. Knowing how tough these times can be, we thought that this alternative donation option may open the door for a whole new world of possibilities.

Any and all donations / remaining balances will be used to continue rescuing and providing for the homeless ‘street-children’ of India. If you are able to help, please collect as many gift cards as possible and send them enclosed in an envelope to the Big World Project headquarters.

Our address is:

Big World Project

2306 Bedford Ave. Box 4E

Lynchburg, VA 24503

If you would kindly pass this message along to your friends, families, and peers, we would all greatly appreciate it more than you know. Please feel free to also post to your Facebook, Instagram, etc. if you feel so inclined. Together, let us see how much change that we are able to make through the donation of our unused gift card funds. Together, we will change the lives of hundreds of homeless and orphaned children.

Thank you again, and blessings to all.

Happy Holidays!


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