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Instilling a Heart of Gratitude

Instilling a Heart of Gratitude and Good Stewardship For God’s Provisions

I could not be more proud of our children’s home director with Global Gospel Ministry in Keshvapuram, India. His name is Gabriel and he’s a seminary-educated man and more importantly a fully devoted follower of Christ. This man, and his precious wife Naveen, is doing a phenomenal job caring for the children who have been rescued in the Hyderabad region of India. They are the hands and heart of Jesus to the children. I’m always incredibly blessed to hear how they are training up the children in the Word of God. They rise early every morning to pray and worship with the children making sure they are ready to head off for school and a day of studies. When they return Gabriel not only mentors them in the things of God but he does an amazing job making sure all the children are faithful in their daily chores. The home is kept in tiptop shape and it’s because Gabriel and Naveen have instilled in the kids a sense of pride and attentive care for the place they call home. The children are encouraged to develop a strong work ethic that understands the high privilege of good stewardship before the Lord who provides for all their needs. Occasionally they all work together in the larger projects as well. They clean out their water holding tanks making sure they pass the white towel test. They go to the rooftop to shake out their mattresses and wash their sheets to hang out to dry in the warm heat of the sun. They even walk the road that passes in front of their complex to pick up trash they didn’t throw as a testimonial to the greater community in which they live. You can see the visible difference as you draw close to their home.

I cannot adequately boast of the beautiful children God has entrusted to our care. GGM is blessed to have on staff people like Gabriel and Naveen, and because of your generous sponsorship we are able to pay them a fair monthly salary. Gabriel and Naveen make many sacrifices living so far from the city in isolation. They get lonely and they live with all the children 24/7. I have never heard them complain in the five years they have been with us. They believe that God has called them to this high and holy work and they do it with a heart that is filled with love, compassion, excellence and a clear vision for the children and their future successes in life.

Thanks for giving! Thanks for praying! Thanks for being a faithful partner with BWP in mentoring up the fatherless to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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