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Here at Big World Project, we would like to send out an apology to our supporters for our absence in updates over the past few weeks. As you may or may not know, Pastor Steve had fallen seriously ill due to a wound infection, and has found himself in and out of the hospital, infectious disease specialists and his hand surgeon. He is back and regaining a great deal of motion in his hand due in part from his rehab appointments. Please pray for his full and speedy recovery. We thank you endlessly for your patience, trust, and understanding.

To update you on a few things that have been in the works, we are delighted to share that we have hired two new employees to work as teachers within our updated education program/initiative at Keshvapuram. Their names are Karen and Yansali, and we cannot wait to see the potential that they bring to the table for our children in Kesh. We are blessed to have their assistance in strengthening the children in their Math skills!

As publicised on television, the pandemic virus continues to spread rapidly throughout India. India is in full lockdown and there is no end in sight for this. Due to this, we are once again unsure if we will be

able to make the trip to deliver our care packages this year, though our volunteer team behind the scenes has gone above and beyond for the children, families, and overall organization. Big World Project has been blown away by the amount of love and generosity that has been shown by the grace of God and His people. *Special gratitude shoutout to Tina Groves, Marlene Witner, Joyce Hartman and all of the Poolesville Baptist team! It is amazing to see what we are able to do when we do it together. We will be sure to keep you updated on any travel plans that occur.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for a special letter from BWP in the mail. We cannot wait to show you what we have been working on.


Steve Pettit


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