• Steve Pettit

No Yawning

Yawning is a most unusual experience. Scientists have long studied the reasons we yawn and how often and for how long. A yawn is “a stereotyped and often repetitive motor act characterized by gaping of the mouth and accompanied by a long inspiration followed by and short expiration.” The average yawn lasts six seconds and its frequency is very erratic: 1 to 76 yawns every 30 minutes. As a pastor I never liked seeing anyone yawn, especially while I was preaching. Subsequently I’m very hyper sensitive to who’s in my presence when I have the urge to yawn. I recently read an interesting study on yawning that I would love to share with you but I fear it might cause you to experience “a long inspiration followed by and short expiration.” I told you that I’m a tad paranoid about this most mysterious phenomenon and no doubt you already let out a good yawn already. If you want to know more about yawning you might need to pick up the book, The Science of Everyday Life by Jay Ingram.

There’s one time I never find myself yawning. It’s when I’m looking at pictures of orphaned kids who have been rescued from the streets. When I read their stories of rescue and redemption I find myself with my mouth wide open in awe of God. That’s one thing I didn’t see in all the studies of yawning. I think it’s impossible to yawn when you’re in awe. So, take a look at some of the smiling faces of the children who have a new hope that can only be found in the love of Jesus. You have now entered the no yawn zone. Thanks for standing with us in giving children smiles!

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