• Steve Pettit

Soothing Oils of Privilege

For me, this was a year of torn menisci, second and third-degree burns, a colonoscopy and a much-anticipated knee replacement the day after Christmas. Sounds a tad foreboding, but as I recall each incident and look forward to my knee being removed and a new one installed, I can’t help but to give praise to God for how easy this has been for me. I recently had a person who is passionate about oils encouraging me to use them to avoid my up-coming surgery all together. I don’t share the same confidence in those types of oils, but I must testify to the soothing oils I do have in my life that so few people have at their disposal.

First, I have insurance and though expensive it has allowed me to be medevac’d, spend some days in ICU and gave me access to the most advanced medical attention one can receive. The cost for my insurance pales in comparison to the money I would have had to spend for the specialists who have been servicing my scans, scopes, and second-degree burns.

Second, I have had some of the best doctors money can secure do their amazing work of repairs in some of the most sophisticated facilities anywhere in the world.

Third, I’ve had access to incredible medicines that allowed me to experience thorough healing and pain management.

Fourth, I experienced immediate care to allow my ailing body quick relief. My only wait has been for an exact replica of my present knee to be specifically designed and developed for a perfect fit for my replacement. It’s an incredible thing that my new knee is tailor made just for me.

Last and not least, I have had my wife of forty years by my side encouraging me and attending to my recoveries. I have had family and friends send me inspiring cards, frozen steaks and gourmet popcorn via UPS and regular support texts. My recuperations have been nothing short of miraculous and I know it’s because so many dear friends and family interceded for my quick and full recoveries.

The soothing oils of privilege inspire me to do all I can to provide opportunity and blessing to children who have nothing. I can’t stop thinking of kids who have no mom or dad and living lonely lives on the streets sleeping on mattresses of concrete. These precious kids have no access to education much less medical care. That’s why I shout for joy whenever I get a new report of a child who has been rescued, especially if it’s a child who has been suffering from an illness that can be treated or well managed.

We recently rescued an orphan boy suffering from juvenile diabetes and terribly emaciated. He’s now receiving diabetes medicines and is filling out quite well. You can see in his countenance a look of peace. He’s now in a loving environment, enjoying good health and learning about Jesus. This boy is experiencing for the first time the soothing oils of privilege that doubtless will inspire him to share the same with others. Though he has suffered extensive liver and kidney damage Ramesh is quickly healing. Thanks for praying with us and thanks for partnering with Big World Project to rescue streetkids.

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