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Teach Us to Number

The Psalmist cried out to God, “Teach us to number our days.” I love this passage of Scripture regardless of the fact that math has never been my strong suit. My grand-kids ask me to string together long equations that they answer before I do. I have no idea why I’m so numerically challenged. It just doesn’t add up. Even though numbers are not my forte, there are certain things I love to calculate.

I find myself numbering my days as I try to make them count for eternity. I try to focus my attention in finite numbers attached to days that eventually lead to an eternity of infinitesimal days…I mean years…I mean forever.

When it all gets too much for me to comprehend I do some reductionist thinking. I look at the sum of all things in the person of a child whose name is Rama Lakshmi; a little girl who suffered immeasurable hardship in her young life than most people will experience in a lifetime. One beautiful girl rescued from a hopeless poverty now living for eternity. As I fix my eyes upon a photo of this adorable child of God, I pray, “Lord, allow me to see thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of precious children just like Rama, rescued before my days on earth are over.

If I have 20 more years of 7,300 days, or better yet, 175,200 hours of time remaining on earth, I want to live those countable days to give at least that many more children a future and a hope. A future of hope-filled endless opportunities. A home where love abounds. An education that sees God in every facet of life…even in the slide rule, the abacus, and the calculator. I want that child who has never felt the joy of a warm shower, a comfortable bed and a stomach filled with good food to know these gifts. May I humbly ask you to consider sponsoring a child?

As you number your days…count how many kids you can rescue through Big World Project.

Steve Pettit

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