• Steve Pettit

The Great Wren Rescue

I recently arrived home from a 9-hour drive from Indiana. When I stepped out of my vehicle I heard quiet chirpings of distress. There in a trapping of fine netting used to help grow grass was a baby wren hopelessly tangled. Nearby was the mother looking on, unable to save her little one all tangled up in fetters of thin strands of green nylon. I ran inside and grabbed scissors to carefully release my adorable and exhausted tiny winged friend. In a few minutes she was cut free and immediately flew off, with momma joining her new born in her flight of newfound freedom.

It felt so good to set her free! As I basked in that euphoric moment of satisfaction, I began to ponder what we strive to do every day at Big World Project and my heart gave thanks to God for those who help us rescue adorable little children trapped in an incomprehensible poverty. I also thought of how our sponsors can only hear the distressing chirps but rarely see the joyful flights of rescue. Though our partners often suffer much in the rescues they make on a weekly basis, they also get to experience the joys of one child after another finding new life, freedom and opportunities never dreamed possible.

Two weeks ago, our GGM partner rescued 3 children and we look forward to receiving their stories. Our new partner, Word in Action, has rescued hundreds of kids and we’re so encouraged by their most recent untangling’s from the trappings of injustice and poverty. I hope you experience a certain measure of deep satisfaction knowing that because of your help we can enjoy the emancipations like the one I share with you today. From all of us at Big World Project, we thank you for standing with BWP as we stand with those who carefully and lovingly free streetkids, orphans and children trapped in extreme poverty.

With love and sincere gratitude,

Steve Pettit

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