• Steve Pettit

The Mango Expedition

It’s the simple things in life that make these kids want to shout to the Lord! Our children staying in our home in Keshvapuram had a 4-day reprieve from school so our directors decided to take them on a field trip to a mango orchard. The children consider this a very special occasion and a good reason to wear their “special” outfits. The pictures reveal their hearts of worship and their love for good food. It was a picnic they’ll never forget. And the trip was only a 5 km bus ride from their home. It doesn’t take much to make special memories for these beautiful children, but it does take something--the faithful support from others. For this they are eternally grateful as are all of us at Big World Project and Sports Outreach!

Keshvapuram children enjoying a meal at the Mango Orchard

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