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The power of ONE ball

Webster defines a ball as, “A solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, especially one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game: a soccer ball.” Our love for the ball now reaches far beyond Webster’s definition to mean so much more. My mom used to say, “You’re on the ball son!” indicating that I was being competent, productive or alert to new ideas, methods or trends. I can still visualize her hand written notes encouraging that kind of behavior plastered with stick figures of little Steves standing on a ball.

My dad used the ball to teach me almost every life lesson. He would say, “You need to play ball” referring to my need to be a good team player. If I was losing focus in life he would say, “You gotta keep your eye on the ball boy.” If I was feeling backed in a corner or a tad paralyzed to act on something important, he would put his arm around me and whisper, “The ball’s in your court son. You have to keep the ball rolling.”

There’s a lot of power in a ball! A global ministry that has really harnessed this power is

A boy with his ball!

Sports Outreach Institute (www.sportsoutreach.net). They use the ball to build relationships with kids living in extreme poverty. It seems to be a universal language today and now that Big World Project has partnered with SOI we’re using the ball to build bridges into the hearts of very guarded street kids who have been sorely wounded, tricked and deceived by evil people.

Shiva is one of the boys we have rescued and is now living in our Kesh home. He is full of life and really on the ball. He loves soccer (fútbol) and adores his two sisters. Our sponsorships are invaluable because they help us keep the ball moving forward to reach our goals. Would you kindly consider sponsoring Shiva for $20 a month for one year? Kids like Shiva need you. The balls in your court! Together, let’s score another one for our amazing Coach.

Click here to join the sponsorship team https://www.bigworldproject.org/sponsor-a-child!

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