• Steve Pettit

The Wind Chill Factor of Being Tutored

When I was in high school I began dating a girl who had recently broken up with the smartest guy ever. He was a genius. Not smart enough to keep the woman who would become my wife…but very intelligent. I was struggling at the time in Trigonometry and decided to sign up for a free tutor. Sure enough I was assigned to Rick Givler…AKA brainiac…AKA present girlfriend’s ex. This was extremely humiliating for me and I remember vividly experiencing some very cold winds of tutoring.

I thought of this when I recently received a warm report of a woman willing to tutor our India children after school. She approached our ministry director in Keshvapuram to volunteer her services in tutoring. Her name is Neha and she just graduated in with a degree in English Medium Instruction with an additional degree in pharmaceutical studies. When the children arrive home from a long day at school they’re given some time to play, wash up, eat and then study English. They also receive additional help in any subject of which they might be struggling. Neha is an incredible servant and we’re blessed to have her with us.

At the moment the kids are suffering in the wind chill factors of 80 degrees F. This time of year they really feel cold. I suppose they’re more comfortable when it’s 109 F. I’m happy that they love being tutored in English and I’m thrilled they’re free from experiencing the chilling humiliation I did in my high school days. I wish I had had a Neha to tutor me.

Please pray for this dear woman and pray for the children to excel in their English studies. And please forgive the poor quality of the photos. We would gladly accept any Samsung Galaxy cell phones for better picture quality. ;-)


Your support on many levels makes all this possible.

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