Our BIG WORLD PROJECT sponsorships are a 
ONE-YEAR commitment of $20 a month.

        Our sponsorships are geared toward individuals and families who are in the building stages of life. These are individuals who want to make a difference in the life of someone who is homeless but don’t have reserves of expendable income. Sponsoring a child may seem like a small contribution, but it is the backbone of the big things we do to impact the lives of many people. The gift of a sponsorship paves the way for opportunity in the lives of these precious children.

        We encourage people everywhere to read through the bios of the children who have been rescued and are residing at our homes. The bios allow each sponsor a chance to experience the story of a young boy or girl being cared for in a BWP orphanage or safe house.

        If you choose to sponsor a child, your contribution of $20 a month will help provide daily provisions of: Food, Water, Medical Care, and Education.

        A typical orphanage or safe house provides a comfortable home for 20 children and a house mom. BWP seeks to combine 20 sponsors for each child giving a total of 400 sponsors for each house. In one year $96,000 is raised for that one house. The average annual expense to provide daily provisions of food, water, medical care, and education for 20 children is $36,000. The remaining $60,000 is invested in a business whose revenues are capable of covering the costs of running an orphanage.

A BUSINESS that is tied to each orphanage or safe house assures success on many different levels:
  • No house is dependent on long-term sponsorships..

  • No house is dependent on the success of another organization’s long-term financial support.

  • The residents of a safe house or orphanage are encouraged to work and learn skills that assure independence.

  • A business increases ownership and healthy pride in one’s work.