Meet the BWP Staff

Steve Pettit

Steve is BWP's passionate and fearless leader.  With extensive experience as a pastor and international missions, he leads the way with great knowledge and wisdom.  It was his vision that launched this compassionate ministry!

Sal Ferlise
BWP liaison & SOI President

Sal is the CEO and CDC of Sports Outreach.  He’s one of the most diligent men I’ve ever met.  He provides great oversight for Big World Project and works to assist BWP in any way that is helpful to our mission that intersects with the mission of Sports Outreach.  

Deborah Hallgren
Financial Manager

Deborah is BWP’s Financial Manager.  She’s a woman of great integrity and very skilled in overseeing all our financial matters in alignment with sound financial principles.  Deborah tracks all our spending and gift income revenues.  She works with our CPA to assure that all financial and legal documents are accurate and in adherence to financial regulations. 

Vickie Alvey
Sponsorship Coordinator & Communicator

Vickie is BWP’s Sponsorship Coordinator.  She handles these same responsibilities for Sports Outreach.  Vickie tracks all matters relating to our sponsorships and assures that all necessary communications take place between child and sponsor.  We are blessed to have Vickie coordinating our partnerships with very sacrificial donors.

Alexa Carlson

Travel Manager

Catherine is BWP’s Travel Manager.  She coordinates all details relating to our global field endeavors.  She takes care of every detail in making team travel as cost effective as possible.  Catherine Adams could have led the Exodus for Israel.  She’s just that good! 

Sarah Straczek

Website Manager and Biography Author